Snapshot (2023-05-15)

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New Recipes

Removed Recipes

  • org.openrewrite.github.ActionsSetupJavaAdoptOpenJDKToTemurin: Adopt OpenJDK got moved to Eclipse Temurin and won't be updated anymore. It is highly recommended to migrate workflows from adopt to temurin to keep receiving software and security updates. See more details in the Good-bye AdoptOpenJDK post.
  • Zip slip is an arbitrary file overwrite critical vulnerability, which typically results in remote command execution. A fuller description of this vulnerability is available in the Snyk documentation on it.
  • The Spring Security WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter was deprecated 5.7, this recipe will transform WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter classes by using a component based approach. Check out the spring-security-without-the-websecurityconfigureradapter blog for more details.