8.11.0 Release (2023-12-05)

This changelog only shows what recipes have been added, removed, or changed. OpenRewrite may do releases that do not include these types of changes. To see these changes, please go to the releases page.

Removed Artifacts

  • rewrite-jhipster

New Recipes

Removed Recipes

  • Java EE has been rebranded to Jakarta EE, necessitating a package relocation. Excludes javax.annotation.processing.
  • Change type of classes in the javax.annotation package to jakarta.
  • Checks for a method patterns and removes the method call from the class
  • Remove deprecated invocations of Thread.destroy() which have no alternatives needed.
  • Upgrade Maven POM to Spring Cloud 2022 from prior 2021.x version.
  • org.openrewrite.launchdarkly.UpgradeLaunchDarkly6Dependencies: Migrate LaunchDarkly dependencies to 6.x.

Changed Recipes