Framework provided markers

Not everything a Recipe may wish to know about an LST is contained in the LST itself. OpenRewrite attaches Markers to an LST provide Recipes access to relevant metadata. This document provides Recipe authors a reference for what metadata is available and how to access it.

Accessing provided markers

All markers described in this document are found on the root element of the LST. The root LST element varies by language, but they all implement the SourceFile interface. From anywhere in a Visitor the cursor can be used to access the markers on the root element like so:
class SomeVisitor implements JavaVisitor<ExecutionContext> {
public J.ClassDeclaration visitClassDeclaration(J.ClassDeclaration classDecl, ExecutionContext ctx) {
// This snippet will retrieve the root element's markers in any language, from anywhere in a visitor
Markers m = getCursor().firstEnclosing(SourceFile.class).getMarkers();
// There is only one of each of these markers, so Markers.findFirst() is a convenient way to access them
Optional<BuildTool> buildTool = m.findFirst(BuildTool.class);
// Some markers are language-specific
Optional<JavaProject> javaProject = m.findFirst(JavaProject.class);
return classDecl;

Build markers

These markers are language-independent, appearing on source files of all formats.


The BuildTool marker records the type and version of build tool which produced the LST. Available on all LSTs produced by one of our build tool plugins.


The subtypes of BuildEnvironment record information on the continuous integration environment from within which the LST was produced. Available on all LSTs produced from a supported CI environment.
Supported CI environments:


The GitProvenance marker records Git branch, origin, and change hash. Available on all LSTs produced from a Git repository.

Java Markers


NamedStyles is a named collection of styles representing code style/formatting and related configuration options. If not explicitly configured the code style a project uses will be auto-detected. It is available on Java source files.


The Checkstyle marker is a NamedStyles which records Checkstyle settings. It is available on Java source files in projects that configure checkstyle.


JavaProject records the publication coordinates (groupId, artifactId, version) of the module which contains the sources. Available on all sources, not only Java sources, in projects where these publication coordinates are configured.


JavaSourceSet records the name (usually "main" or "test") of the source set containing the source file, and list of fully qualified type names present on the classpath. Available on all Java sources, as well as non-Java sources placed in a Java source set's resources directory.


JavaVersion records the version of Java used to compile the source, including source and target compatibility. Available on all Java sources.

Maven markers

These markers are available on Maven pom.xml sources.


MavenResolutionResult contains a rich data model of a pom.xml, including full dependency resolution information.